Thursday, 4 April 2013

Run Forest Run...

Today is a good day, today is the first day in a year that I have been for a run and it felt GOOD!

Up until 2010 I was not a runner, I thought I hated running, and then on a complete whim during a particularly difficult time in my life and watching Run Fat Boy Run I signed up to do the London Marathon - what was I thinking, I could barely run for the bus!?!

Fast forward a year and I completed the London Marathon in 4hours and 52minutes.  To say I was proud of myself would be an understatement, but aside from the feeling of achievement it was the strength that running gave me, both physically and mentally, that was addictive.

During the marathon I suffered some knee pain for which I had 6 months of physiotherapy, during this time I couldn't run and as felt my physical fitness slip away from me I got more and more disheartened and found it harder and harder to get back in the game.

But today that all changed, I set myself the challenge of putting on my trainers...thats all no time, no distance just put on the trainers.  AND. I. LOVED. IT!  I'm Back.

Now for some new kit...

Nike Dri-FIT

If this event hadn't been on the weekend of my Hen Party I would have definitely been there

We Own The Night

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