Thursday, 13 February 2014

Dream On Dreamer...

I think I have mentioned before that Mr O and I are currently in a one bedroom flat which we know will be fine for Baby O’s first few months as he’ll be in our bedroom.  We are hoping to move next summer, cue lots of pointless rightmove and zoopla stalking from me, but in the meantime that has not stopped me planning my dream nursery for Baby O on Pinterest!

Here are a few of my favourite pins…

I’m really drawn to a white and grey colour scheme with pops of colour here and there

RIBBA ledges and PS cabinet | Fräulein Klein
Image Via Pinterest

modern nursery
Image Via Pinterest

freddie's nursery on lay baby lay - all white with touches of grey and yellow
Image Via Pinterest

 I love these Alphabet prints from Paul Thurlby and they would add the requisite pop of colour…I’m thinking either spelling out Baby O’s name or grouping the whole alphabet as a gallery wall

Image Via

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to DIY some inspirational art, at some point, similar to these two

Image Via Pinterest

you're getting very sleepy
Image Via Pinterest

And as this is a dream nursery I would have a gallery wall dedicated to Sharon Montrose baby animal prints
Image Via

My favourites are the zebra, giraffe and monkey…too cute!

And if we’re talking dreams I would add this print in for me!

Flamingo No. 1
Image Via

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