Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Water Baby…

Last weekend the little dude started his swimming lessons.  I am not a very confident swimmer and I really didn't want to pass this down the generations and felt the best way for Max to not follow in my footsteps was to start him swimming early.

After a lot of research on the various types of courses available for little ones and the facilities at each venue we decided to go with London Baby Swim.  We were a little surprised when the address turned out to be a residential property, but once we made our way down the side path we were pleasantly surprised.  The facilities are pretty basic, but the pool is spotless and both the pool and the surrounding areas kept at a very warm temperature to ensure the babies don't get cold.  The instructor was very professional and with only about 8 babies per class she was able to give a decent amount of one to one attention.

first dip...

mastering front crawl… (faces blurred for privacy)
I'm not sure if the little dude really enjoyed his first lesson, he spent most of the 30 minute class looking vey confused…the only time he cracked a smile was when they were given mirrors to look at themselves!

who's that handsome chap!
 I had originally thought that the class wouldn't be much of a lesson, just a splash about to get kids used to being in the water, but even at this early stage they are being taught that the edge of the pool is a safe place and how to hold on.  After every new element they always 'swim' back to the edge and hold on.  I'm so impressed that these vital skills are being taught as such a young age.

cuddles after swimming under water...
This Saturday was his second lesson and he seemed to enjoy it a little more…fingers crossed his enjoyment and confidence will grow every week.

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